Spring 2019

Congratulations to Paul on being selected to receive the Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of Excellence. He is the 28th and final recipient of this award that has been given since 2007.

Paul has developed a unique concept called Living Life Camps. These camps are vacation destinations close to nature where adults, families and groups can enjoy a relaxing, healing, and learning vacation experience. The camps will offer programs from 7-30 days. Each session will offer the most current science-based healing nutritional detoxification and dietary protocols based on some of the top alternative health centres and educational institutes worldwide. Standardized design of planning, construction, food production and operational systems will help make the Living Life Camp a model for rapid future development of new healing vacation destinations by independent visionary entrepreneurs.

Paul has incredible energy and enthusiasm making him very popular among his classmates. Best of luck Paul in developing and bringing Living Life Camps to fruition.

Pam Blue, Brian Clement, Paul Murray, Michele Riel, Anna Maria Clement, Susan Maharaj

Spring 2018

Congratulations Subah on being the 26th recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of Excellence!

Subah is bringing the Living Foods Lifestyle to the youth of India via the internet. Her YouTube videos are easy to watch, educational, and are already attracting much attention. This is a great vehicle to encourage young people to live and eat in a more conscious way. Subah is capitalizing on a growing trend in which people use social media not only as a way of getting news on current issues and events, but as a means of educating themselves. Having a steady stream of entertaining videos and messages will bring this lifestyle to a huge number of people.

Subah's business plan is detailed and very well thought out, and she brings a high level of professionalism and beauty to her video messages. She is well positioned to positively influence the next generation!

Subah Jain accepting the award from Pam Blue and Susan Maharaj

Fall 2017

It was an honour to award the Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of Excellence to Patricia!

Born in Jamaica and suffering severe hardship as a child, Patricia came to the USA, and eventually became a nurse, and later a nurse practitioner. After she became disillusioned with the conventional medical field, she did some soul searching and began a very successful business in New York, serving the Jamaican community where she had lived when she was struggling. Her company provides home care services ranging from housekeeping to Registered Nurse visits/shifts. While highly successful, Patricia consciously has decided to forgo many luxuries in order to be a role model and provide hope to the underprivileged people in this community.

Patricia's goal is to create short, simple presentations to educate struggling low-income people on diet and lifestyle. Her excellent work ethic and heart felt drive will enable Patricia to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many. Beautiful work Patricia!

Patricia Smith receiving the award from Anna Maria and Brian Clement (left) and Pam Blue (right)

HED Reunion Spring 2017

Congratulations Monique on receiving this special $1000 award! Monique was chosen from several other applicants by Brian and Anna Maria, who are very impressed that she has been committed to this lifestyle for over 10 years as an HED.

Monique has been running retreats at her centre in Southern France, modelled around the Life Transformation Program at HHI. The retreats are one week long and take place several times per year in a peaceful pollution and noise free 17th century setting. She has welcomed guests from Morocco, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Belgium. In addition to balancing the physical body, Monique's program also addresses emotional and spiritual health through mediation and yoga.

Keep up the excellent work Monique!

Monique Schweitzer

Spring 2017

From Las Vegas, Michael Natividad wants to use his intelligence and resources to outsmart others who are trying to exploit people. He possesses a strong sense of duty in wanting to do the right things for society even if those things are not the most popular or accepted.

Michael's goal is to create a raw, vegan meal preparation restaurant with a mobile app for consumers to order meals. Users will also be educated with mini-lessons related to their chosen meals. This app will encourage the transition to a vegan, then raw, then living foods diet. Automatically logging foods consumed into a journal and prompting users to enter information on how they feel after each meal, creates awareness for the user as to how they can eat for nutrition and health.

Congratulations Michael! This is a great way to bring the HHI living foods lifestyle to the masses and we look forward to using your app!

Michael receiving the award from Pam Blue, Anna Maria Clement, Brian Clement and Susan Maharaj

Fall 2016

Congratulations Prerna on winning this special 10th anniversary Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of Excellence!

From Nepal, Prerna created DREAMS - an animal welfare organization, YOU - a fashion clothing line and I AM STRONG - a movement to empower people. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012, Prerna was able to heal herself by nurturing her body, mind and soul. She has crafted retreat programs offered in Nepal which combine the living foods lifestyle, meditation, body work, yoga and hiking. Her mission is to help people regain health and inspire them to live healthy and purposeful lives.

Prerna was recently honored as one of Nepal's top women leaders. Her I AM STRONG organization embodies the important philosophy that thoughts and words shape our reality. Prerna has the insight, work ethic and charisma to help people shift their emotions and behavior to positivity and optimism in all areas of their lives - essential elements to regain and maintain health.

Prerna Shah receiving the 10th anniversary award from Pam Blue and Anna Maria Clement

Spring 2016

Catrinel Popescu was born in Romania, has studied media and journalism, and earned a Master's Degree in Business and Events Management in London.

Her mission is to provide educational and experiential opportunities that will empower people, enabling them to lead healthy, happy lives. Do Good Academy is the brainchild of Catrinel. This organization provides an educational platform for alternative speakers, business leaders and teachers. Do Good also hosts events, retreats and workshops that educate about holistic therapies, environmental solutions, eco-friendly technologies and mindfulness. Catrinel has already created many successful events and retreats, including hosting Brian and Anna Maria in Bucharest, with over 800 attendees, two years in a row!

No doubt Catrinel will continue to inspire people, and to spread goodness throughout the world using her organizational skills and amazing creative flair. Keep up the superb work Cat!

Catrinel Popescu receiving the award from Pam Blue, Anna Maria and Brian Clement.

Fall 2015

From China and currently based in Jupiter, Florida, Jane Li has overcome much adversity in her life, and has achieved much success including learning multiple languages, obtaining a PhD, becoming a professor and operating a successful company for over 25 years.

As a breast cancer survivor, Jane experienced physical, emotional and spiritual healing at Hippocrates. She feels the most important education she has received in her life is that contained in her Hippocrates Life Transformation and Health Educator Programs. Jane has used this knowledge to create a non-profit organization called Jane in Harmony, offering lifestyle coaching, raw food prep and supplies. Her goal is to bring the HHI lifestyle to the poorest areas of China where resources are scarce and people are struggling for survival.

Jane is lively and passionate and it seems that everything she touches turns to gold, so there is no doubt she will be highly successful in her endeavors. Keep up your excellent work Jane!

Jane Li accepting the award from Anna Maria, Brian Clement and Pam Blue.

Summer 2015

Congratulations to Denise Soltesz, the 19th recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Award of Excellence.

Denise has experienced first hand the healing properties of the living foods lifestyle with the full recovery of her fiancè from stage 4 renal disease. From the Czech Republic and living in the United States for eleven years now, together they are spreading the word about the healing properties of sprouts. Her goal is to support people who decide to incorporate sprouts and other life giving foods into their diets.

Denise plans to come up with an app called Living Foods GPS which will serve as a hub that will connect users to the raw vegan community, wheatgrass and sprouts, professionals, goods and products and facilities. Good luck Denise!

Denise Soltesz accepts the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence

Spring 2015

Nancy has created a successful restaurant and health centre in Quebec City called
Om Prana. The 4 pillars of the HHI Lifestyle are all present with raw, vegan food including sprouts, yoga, meditation and a beautiful setting to hang out and sooth the soul with like minded people.

The unique menu has a wide range of choices that are presented with a sense of fun. Putting more restaurants on the map through franchising Om Prana is an excellent way to present this lifestyle to the public in a relaxed manner. Nancy's pride in being a holistic entrepreneur shines brightly, and expanding Om Prana will allow franchisees to unite their life, work and spirituality, to the great benefit of the public.

Nancy's creative flair and solid business will provide other health leaders with a successful model to shake up the fast food industry and help tip the scales to the side of healthy choices!

Nancy Bilodeau accepting the Award from Lianne Antonette Stewart, Anna Maria Clement, Pam Blue and Brian Clement.

Fall 2014

From Toronto, Canada, Danton has excelled in yoga, music and teaching children. These unique interests and skills will serve him well in teaching the Hippocrates Lifestyle to families. With his strong leadership skills, passion and purpose, Danton will be incredibly effective educating children, youth and young adults... the very people who hold our future in their hands.

Danton and I share a Métis heritage and I am so pleased to contribute to his efforts to help the Métis, one of Canada's aboriginal groups, achieve superior health and lifestyle. Bringing the Hippocrates Lifestyle to the Métis will position them once again to make an outstanding contribution to our country and our world.

By all accounts, Danton's work and presence throughout this course have been inspirational. Well done Danton!

Danton Delbaere-Sawchuk accepting the award from Pam Blue, Health Educator Program Director, and Lianne Antonette Stewart, Assistant - Health Educator Program.

Spring 2014

Not only did Tara complete the Health Educator course with excellence, she also had great personal success. She lost over 30lbs and dropped her cholesterol level over 100 points!

Residing in Florida, Tara has come up with a unique plan to facilitate insurance reimbursement for alternative health care programs. It could potentially enable thousands of people to benefit by visiting Hippocrates who would otherwise not have the opportunity. Tara's idea is a good example of thinking outside the box, creatively coming up way to make Hippocrates and other alternative health care servies more accessible to the general population.

With Tara's skills and devotion, she will be able to fully bring this plan to fruition. Her company, Payslay, is already beginning to be supported by the insurance industry!

Tara Husband accepting the Award from Pam Blue, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute and Lianne Antonette Stewart.

Fall 2013

Ida is as an accomplished actress, singer and author, who has been in major productions such as Mama Mia! and Les Miserables. She is positioned perfectly to take the Hippocrates message out to the masses.

From Stockholm, Sweden, Ida plans to combine her careers as author and artist with working as a raw food inspirer. She plans to do raw food cooking shows on television. She is passionate about the living foods lifestyle and understands how this lifestyle positively impacts our planet and future generations.

With her multiple talents, willingness to work hard and realization that this lifestyle increases consciousness and spiritual evolution, she will do a fantastic job educating and supporting others in the living foods lifestyle.

Ida Hogberg accepting the award
from Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement

Summer 2013

Residing in Quebec City, but originally from the Canadian Arctic, Roxanne is a geologist who has travelled to Africa, Spain and Asia where she began a holistic lifestyle including raw foods and yoga.

Her goal is to open a business in Quebec that will offer living and raw food workshops, kitchen/grocery organization, detoxification programs and yoga retreats. Her Inuit heritage gives her a unique perspective on the importance of the environment and nature, organic gardening and preparing whole foods with love.

Roxanne's future goal is to return to the Canadian Arctic to bring the living foods lifestyle to the Inuit community.

Roxanne Takpanie

Spring 2013

From Quebec, Canada, Diane is a truly worthy recipient of the Award of Excellence. She has deep passion for the living foods lifestyle and educates others with infectious enthusiasm.

Diane suffered immense loss when her two young adult sons died in unrelated tragic accidents. She continues to display incredible strength and fortitude in her daily life as a mother to her three daughters, a music/piano/dance teacher, an accomplished musician, a fitness trainer, energy healer and now a Hippocrates Health Educator. She is a natural health educator and has an incredibly powerful story of recovery and resiliency of the human spirit.

She is a shining example of courage and everyone who crosses her path will be blessed, whether she is spreading the word about the dangers of energy drinks, helping those who have suffered tragedy and loss, or supporting Québécois returning from Hippocrates.

Diane Chevrette accepting the award
from Brian Clement

Fall 2012

Residing in Miami, Sandra is a medical doctor from Colombia whose goal is to bring the living foods lifestyle to the Spanish speaking world.

She will do this through a comprehensive Spanish website that will supply e-books, audio sessions and an internet based coaching program. The program will be supported with Spanish educational videos and conferences in Bogota Colombia and Miami.

Sandra's extensive education, strong medical background and experiences as a cancer survivor will enable her to bring valuable natural health education, support and motivation to the Spanish community!

Sandra Rangel accepting the award
from Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement.

Summer 2012

Congratulations to Constanza Vergara, the 11th recipient of the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence!

Constanza is creating a health institute in Colombia, South America called Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) which will offer education and instruction in living foods, organic gardening and horse liberty training. Cuatro Vientos is a place where one can reconnect with their true essence by communing with nature and animals and by engaging in meditation and contemplation.

With Constanza's strong work ethic and deep spiritual connections, Cuatro Vientos will continue to grow into an ideal place to heal mind, body and spirit.

Constanza Vergara accepting the award
from Dr. Brian Clement.

Spring 2012

Congratulations to Judy Lindley, the 10th recipient of the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence!

Judy is a Registered Nurse who has also worked as a Hospice R.N. providing care and support to patients and families. She will use her nursing background to teach anatomy and physiology to educators enrolled in the health educator program. One of her goals is to bring the mind/body/spirit approach along with the living foods lifestyle to many people through various retreats that she will host. In addition, she is developing educational programs and workshops for elementary schools to help teach children how to grow vegetables and sprouts and to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

With her wealth of experience and compassionate approach, Judy is well suited to bring natural and complementary education to many sectors of society!

Judy Lindley accepting the award
from Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement.

Fall 2011

Congratulations to Julio Calonje Daly, the ninth recipient of the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence.

Julio is a medical doctor from Cali, Colombia in South America. After practicing conventional medicine for a number of years, he became passionate about alternative methods of treating patients and opened a centre called Centro de Medicina Integral Ishwara in Cali. His experiences in the Health Educator Program have given him further insight and support to ensure the Centre leads the way in alternative medicine and the living foods lifestyle. Julio also owns an organic farm that supplies produce to all major cities in Colombia.

May Julio and the Centre bring valuable information and renewed health to many!

Julio Calonje Daly accepting the award.

Fall 2011

Congratulations to Louise Muhammad, the eighth recipient of the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence.

Louise has nearly 20 years of service to the development of Black and minority ethnic groups in West Yorkshire, England. Her ambition is to open the Huddersfield Alternative Health Resource Library (HAHRL), which will provide access to the Hippocrates lecture series and several other valuable educational books and DVD’s. She will continue her strong record of community service by spending quality time and giving personalized care to Black and minority group members.

We commend Louise for her strong desire to educate and support groups with significant health challenges in socio-economically deprived areas.

Louise Muhammad accepting the award.

Spring 2011

Congratulations to Felicity Corbin Wheeler, the seventh recipient of the Derrick Brockie Award of Excellence.

Felicity has been involved with natural health for many years. Most notably, she cured herself from pancreatic cancer in 2003 after having been given only weeks to live. Becoming a Hippocrates Health Educator was a natural extension in her journey to continue bringing life-altering and life-saving information to many people. She teaches a course entitled “Stay Well – Get Well” in the Channel Islands and Portugal and ultimately, she hopes to start Hippocrates in Europe.

Felicity has the life experience, deep spirituality and passion to make a huge positive change in the world. Excellent work Felicity!


Felicity Corbin Wheeler accepting the award.

Fall 2009

Congratulations to Alexandra Newlin, the sixth recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship.

Alexandra plans to devote her time working with society's greatest asset - our children. She is developing a program for schools that will teach children the importance of health, nutrition and exercise with a hands on approach. She will also incorporate mental and emotional health education by teaching children kindness and compassion through affirmations, games and positive thinking.

Best of luck Alexandra!

Alexandra Newlin accepting the award.
Spring 2009

Congratulations to Mikaële Holzer, the fifth recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship.

Mikaële is immersed in educating her community about living foods through pot luck dinners, 5 day juice cleanses, support groups, food prep classes and consulting.

Her long term goal is to open a community hub that will serve as a model for ideal living. This centre will emphasize spiritual consciousness and personal development with a variety of spa, educational and support services.

With her passion and creativity, Mikaële is an ideal educator and mentor!

Mikaële Holzer accepting the award.
Summer 2008
Congratulations to Betsy Bragg, the fourth recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship!

Betsy has been instrumental in developing an extensive raw food community in the Boston area. She will be conducting a comprehensive weekly course beginning in the fall entitled, “Life Force Energy – The Hippocrates Approach to Optimum Health”. In addition, she has started the Derrick Brockie Living Foods DVD Lending Library so that the entire Hippocrates Health Series plus numerous other critical health related DVD’s will be available to the general public.

Betsy is to be admired and respected for her dedication and commitment to bring this life-altering information to the public. Great job Betsy!

Betsy Bragg accepting the award.
Spring 2008

Congratulations to Michel Pageau and Roxane Vezina, the third recipients of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship!

Michel and Roxane are a highly motivated and qualified team with ambitions to participate in the development of the new Hippocrates Health Institute locations.

They have a vast network of family, friends and collegues that they wish to bring the living foods lifestyle to. In particular, they will provide education and support to the French speaking communities in Quebec. With their authenticity and joy for life, they will be very effective in sharing their knowledge working towards making our world more compassionate.

Husband and wife team of Michel Pageau and Roxane Vezina accepting the award.
Winter 2008

Congratulations to Linda Frees, the second recipient of the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship!

Linda is a 2006 Hippocrates Health Educator Graduate. She has hosted and produced numerous mini-films on topics including the healing benefits of food, raw food prep and sprouting along with interviews with local alternative health practitioners. These shows have aired on local public access television stations in the West Palm, Florida area. Her goal is to produce more of these films and to bring them to many local stations across the US and Canada.

With these videos, Linda does a wonderful job promoting healthy living to the general public. We look forward to seeing her as a regular on local tv!

Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute, awarding scholarship to Linda Frees (centre).
Fall 2007
Congratulations to Jerome Dijkstra who was awarded the inaugural Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship in November 2007.

Jerome’s goal is to open The Alive Naturally! Pyrenees Health Centre in the South of France. The Centre, modelled after the Hippocrates Health Institute, will provide thousands of people the opportunity to restore and enhance their health.

Jerome has deep passion and commitment to help others and serves as a superb role model in promoting The Living Foods Lifestyle. We wish him the greatest success!
Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute, awarding scholarship to Jerome Dijkstra (centre).

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