Derrick was a devoted husband, loving father, successful businessman and gentleman who had a great sense of humour and loved life.  He enjoyed golfing, playing hockey, boating, skiing and motorcycling.  He also appreciated simple things in life such as nature, animals, reading and stimulating conversations about health and the state of our world.  Derrick had great ideas and continually dreamed of ways to fight oppressive people and organizations so as to enhance the human experience on earth.  Derrick had a big heart and kind soul.  It hurt him to see unnecessary suffering, especially caused by illness and disease.

In 2000, Derrick was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  He refused conventional treatment and diligently experimented with hundreds of alternative health therapies.  He was convinced that there must be a way for him to recover his health without the dangers and compromises of drugs.  He began to understand that our traditional medical system and many natural treatments focused on particular body parts or systems in isolation.  These models use drugs or supplements exclusively to treat symptoms rather than to treat the entire person holistically.

Derrick learned that mental, spiritual and physical health could be improved through optimal nutrition, exercise, conflict resolution, spiritual exploration and non-invasive therapies.  He realized that he must cleanse, balance and support both his internal and external environments.

Derrick had many triumphs in transforming his lifestyle in the battle to regain health. By the time he discovered and began to implement the necessary changes, the disease had progressed causing incapacitating problems. He did not have enough time to benefit from the lifestyle and dietary changes.

Good health is a precious possession yet it can be fragile and elusive.  It needs to be nurtured and protected with great love and care.  It is urgent and critical that we spread this message to teach others how to survive and thrive in our increasingly compromised world.  We must provide education and build support systems so our population, especially our children, have the means and knowledge to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.  We must heal our minds, our bodies, our society and our planet for ourselves and for future generations.    

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